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The Europeans have been building thick outer rock or more recently CMU concrete walls for centuries as a barrier from the elements. They now use Insulated Concrete Forms with glee to achieve even greater energy yields, creature comforts, protection from damage due to pests and molds, and even the occasional Saxon invasion! Oklahomans can follow suite. Read on….
European concrete house
ICF forms as a stem-wall create a partially insulated slab
ICF Stem wall
Go the rest of the way by installing an under slab insulator.
ICF walls for your perimeter of your home!ICF walls on grade
An excellent window solution is a crucial component in making your ICF investment maximized.
Window-Replacement-Can-Increase-Energy-SavingsTriple pane, thermal windows green machine
Insulating your roofline is a crucial component to the success of your homes efficiency. Spray foam is great!
SIP’s or Structural Insulated Panels are better sometimes.
Sip panels with ICF walls
The vertical Geo Thermal loop system can work where water sources like ponds and lakes and not available.
Passive solar can work if properly designed in nearly all climate zones. Daylighting helps bring natural lighting in to the structure reducing the demands of consumption.
Advances in wind energy have made it possible for homes to be “independent energy providers” and actually sell back energy in some areas of the country.
wind energy

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