Green Machine Buildings
ICF Building Solutions in Oklahoma City
Tornado Shelters
We build tornado shelters that have widthstood F5 winds. If you are building with wood, let us build a shelter you can use everyday as a closet or pantry. Not a hole in the ground that collects water and bugs.
Better Way of Living
We build the best basements in Oklahoma!
Green Machine basements use superior foundation drainage and waterproofing methods for sucessful basements
When you build your home with ICF forms, you are making an investment. You are saying "I want the best building system avaiable." You will get much more in return.

  1.  4 hour fire rating
  2. Termite, mold and pest resistance
  3. Walls able to widthstand tornadic winds
  4. An STC sound rating of over 50
  5. Unparallelled energy savings 
  6. Comfort in the  stability of internal temperatures
  7. Reduced involuntary air means less allergens

To maximize your project Green Machine will help you understand the importance of good windows with great NFRC ratings.

Using expanded foam in the attic space to create a semi conditioned attic which takes heat pressure off your structure.

The next level:
  • Adding Geothermal
  • Adding Solar
  • Adding wind

​Green Machine can build you a home that can approach net ZERO energy comsumption. Call us! 
Green Machine as your builder
We can build your entire project, or specific sections of your project. We work with do it yourselfers and other builders in any capacity to get you a great product.
Just the shell
We can build the foudations, ICF stem walls and walls only. Ask your builder to contact Green Machine for your first step toward a better way of living!
Green Machine is one of the most experienced ICF contractors in Oklahoma. With hundereds of sucessful projects over the years, we focus on the entire project's sucess, not just an ICF shell. Our customers report amazing energy savings and comfort and we look forward to being your builder.
Some things to consider:
  • 14 years experience with ICF structures residential and commercial
  • Green Building envelope expertise
  • Articles published in many industry magazines 
  • Covering the entire state Oklahoma
  • We use only the highest quality products in the marketplace
  • Expert consultation in ICF construction and green envelope success.

Why people should choose us?​
Clear concise communication is crucial to a sucessful job. We create  very detailed scopes of work, and are meticulous about your project right down to the last detail. We continue to be available for your other subs should you choose to finish the build yourself. 
Company Profile

Green Machine takes pride in the knowledge we are contributing to the health of our planet by offering homes that consume as much as 70% less energy than typical construction methods.

Happy people..Happy planet is our idea of a win / win product and service.


Contact us
If you have any questions...email call or text.

  1. Using the Original Watkins Hanger in an ICF Basement
    Using the original Watkins Hanger in the transition from 8 inch core to 6 inch core for an ICF basement is easy and saves money on labor and materials.
  2. The Green Machine ICF Shell
    The start of a great Insulated concrete forms project in Oklahoma that will have geothermal and expanded foam inside the attic space.
  3. Is this an ICF house?
    ICF stem walls, ICF walls, geo thermal, wood framed interior walls and roof. Expanded foam in roofline, semi conditioned non vented attic space, great NFRC rated windows and doors and possible expansion for solar. Low voltage electric heat under master bath tile.
  4. ICF Walk Out Basement
    Green Machine excels ICF basements. This one has 8’ walls on grade to to meet at the basement walls above.
  5. ICF Walls Phase 1
    ICF walls with the Watkins Hanger for floor and roof trusses.
  6. ICF Construction
    Green Machine takes pride in the knowledge we are contributing to the health of our planet by offering homes that consume as much as 70% less energy than typical construction methods.
  7. Walls on grade-frame the top
  8. Time Lapse basement
  9. Walk out basement
    Walls over walk out AND on grade
  10. Status report Ponca: Walls begin
    Over 15,000 wall square feet involving concrete roofs and decks.
  11. Progress Report Ponca: Foundations
    With walls varying from 14' to 28' the foundations must be substantial. With a ICF "Wet Set" we begin!
  12. Progress Report Ponca:
    Stem walls complete!
  13. Contemporary ICF home with low slope roofs.
    The finishing touches on this modern ICF home with low slope concrete roofs. Over 15,000 wall sq ft of ICF and we used the Original Watkins Hangers for the floor and roof support and their OnePlates for all internal flat wall heavy loads..