Better Way of Living

When you build your home with ICF forms, you are making an investment. You are saying “I want the best building system avaiable.” You will get much more in return.
  1.  4-hour fire rating
  2. Termite, mold and pest resistance
  3. Walls able to withstand tornadic winds
  4. An STC sound rating of over 50
  5. Unparallelled energy savings
  6. Comfort in the  stability of internal temperatures
  7. Reduced involuntary air means fewer allergens
To maximize your project Green Machine will help you understand the importance of good windows with great NFRC ratings.
Using expanded foam in the attic space to create a semi-conditioned attic which takes heat pressure from your structure.
The next level:
  • Adding Geothermal
  • Adding Solar
  • Adding wind

Green Machine can build you a home that can approach net ZERO energy consumption. Call us!


Tornado Shelters

We build tornado shelters that have withstood F5 winds. If you are building with wood, let us build a shelter you can use every day as a closet or pantry. Not a hole in the ground that collects water and bugs.



We build the best basements in Oklahoma! Green Machine basements use superior foundation drainage and waterproofing methods for successful basements.


Green Machine as your builder

We can build your entire project or specific sections of your project. We work with doing it yourselfers and other builders in any capacity to get you a great product.


Just the shell

We can build the foundations, ICF stem walls and walls only. Ask your builder to contact Green Machine for your first step toward a better way of living!