Company Profile

Green Machine takes pride in the knowledge we are contributing to the health of our planet by offering homes that consume as much as 70% less energy than typical construction methods.
Happy people… A happy planet is our idea of a win/win product and service.
Green Machine is one of the most experienced ICF contractors in Oklahoma. With hundreds of successful projects over the years, we focus on the entire project’s success, not just an ICF shell. Our customers report amazing energy savings and comfort and we look forward to being your builder.
Some things to consider:
  • 15 years experience with ICF structures residential and commercial
  • Green Building envelope expertise
  • Articles published in many industry magazines
  • Covering the entire state of Oklahoma
  • We use only the highest quality products in the marketplace
  • Expert consultation in ICF construction and green envelope success.
Why should people choose us?
Clear concise communication is crucial to a successful job. We create very detailed scopes of work and are meticulous about your project right down to the last detail. We continue to be available for your other subs should you choose to finish the build yourself.