construction consulting services okc

If you are thinking about doing your own ICF project, or you want to have a say in how your project is built, GM Consult Group LLC consulting services can help save you thousands of dollars over the course of your project with proper materials estimations, invaluable wall details and on demand call phone support. Our service comes in two tiers of support.

Tier 1: Get pro level consultation for materials estimations for your specific job.

  • ICF block estimations
  • Rebar fabrication cut sheet
  • Concrete estimations
  • Bucking materials estimation
  • Flatwork concrete estimation
  • Pinpoint wall details showing exactly what you are building

Tier 2 : Phone consultation throughout the project. (Great for 1 time do-it-yourself projects who just need that pro level experience on the job, right now.)

Call us any time throughout your build. Get the help when you need it!

ICF Wall Detail Sample

Custom wall details for your project take the guesswork out of the build and act as a bridge between design and build.

Rebar Cut Sheet Sample